For over 20 years, a remarkable event has been playing out in the Eisenhower Elementary School courtyard. Based on a true story, this is a tale about a mother duck and her ducklings and the adventures they encounter in the safety and security of their outdoor classroom courtyard. Follow their story from incubation to duckhood as they explore a kid-sized version of our Minnesota ecosystem. This is not just a story about a family of ducks – it is an opportunity for the reader to learn about the wonders of nature all around us. 


Beyond the prairie lie the North Woods. You know you’re there when you see the birch trees. Like those over there. Except millions of them.


I know you’ve just arrived, but it’s time for your first lesson. Listening ears, everyone. There may be a hawk watching.


Just sit and watch him work. He has an important job to do. Bumblebees help pollinate plants to make more plants.